The freeski dictionnary

Do you speak freeski ? Xavier has detailed the definitions below so you can speak like a pro rider!

Freestyle: The general term used to describe ski acrobatics. A performance or routine featuring relatively free, unrestricted movement to demonstrate an individual’s special skills or style.

Freestyle BackCountry: Describes off piste freestyle. The objective of backcountry is to use the terrains natural formed kickers etc to perform jumps and tricks.

Slope Style: Freestyle discipline on a piste made up of various modules, where the rider continuously links tricks and jumps.

Bertoni Freeski Zone: A dedicated secured learning area to practice your freestyle.

Snow Park: A freestyle area made up of different modules such as a BigAir, Half Pipe, rails, box etc…

Big Air: A snowpark module composed of a kicker, a flat and a landing area.

Riders: experienced freestyle or freeride skier or snowboarder.

AirBag: a large airfilled mattress that you jump onto.

Kicker: a man-made jump built by riders to get some air time to show tricks..

Module: an element of a park which is used to perform jumps or tricks.

Tricks: general term used for a freestlye performance.

Grab: when you ‘grab’ your skis while in the air.

Switch: when you ski or jump backwards..

Rotations: these are measured in degrees of rotation, 180°- half turn, 360°- full turn, 540° turn and a half. 720° 2 full turns..

Back Flip: A backwards head over heels jump..

Cork: an off axis spin that leans back, but the rider does not go inverted at any point..

Winter XGames: the world most famous freestyle contest.